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The Bletchley Circle: San Francisco

“The Bletchley Circle: San Francisco” will be on BritBox – and ITV in the U.K. – later this year. It will follow two of the original lead characters, Millie (Rachel Stirling) and Jean (Julie Graham), as they travel to 1956 America and join forces with two U.S. codebreakers to tackle a string of murder cases. The series is formatted as four stories, each of which unfolds over two episodes. Omnifilm in association with BritBox and World Productions makes the show.
CrimenDrama25 Jul 2018
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  • Compañía de Producción
  • Omnifilm Entertainment

  • World Productions

  • Reparto - Director/a
  • Julie Graham

    Jean McBrian
  • Rachael Stirling

    Millie Harcourt
  • Crystal Balint

    Iris Bearden
  • Chanelle Peloso

    Hailey Yarner
  • Ben Cotton

    Detective Bill Bryce
  • Colin Lawrence

    Marcus Bearden
  • Jennifer Spence

    Olivia Mori
  • T1